Megyn Kelly clashes with guest over Trump: ‘Why can’t you answer?’

kelly-deanMegyn Kelly butted heads with a Donald Trump supporter over the way the Republican presidential candidate ignored a questioner’s claim at a town hall meeting that President Barack Obama was a foreign-born Muslim.

Guest Andy Dean, who was formerly employed by Trump, told the Fox News host during a Friday appearance on “The Kelly File” that the media were blowing the incident way out of proportion.

“I think more than anything there is just confusion on our end as to why one tiny question is some sort of big media controversy right now,” he said.

Kelly said there were two problems with the incident: the questioner condemned all Muslims — not just those who had been radicalized — and said Obama himself was a Muslim and a foreign national.

Dean acknowledged that Obama is an American citizen, adding that the only reason people know that “is because Donald Trump got Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate.”

“Why didn’t he say that?” Kelly interrupted. “He is in the best position to turn around to that man and say, ‘We know he is a citizen, sir.’”

Using the same logic, Obama should have stood up and condemned the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for some of the things he preached in his church, Dean said.

“You seem to be dodging. Are you uncomfortable on this issue? Why can’t you answer?”

Anderson Cooper apologizes to guest for being an unbelievably pompous ass

When Dean brought up Wright again, Kelly shot back, “That’s a deflection. That’s a deflection.”

“No, it isn’t,” Dean insisted, adding that Trump often doesn’t give politically correct responses.

“That’s OK,” Kelly said. “That’s a reasonable response.”

Dean appeared the night before on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” where the host condescendingly insulted him throughout the interview. Cooper ended up apologizing for his behavior afterward.

Watch the video, via Fox News:

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