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Hillary disappointment makes kids cry, infuriated parents call it ‘unacceptable’

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Clinton Disappoints KidsDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton brought a group of children to tears and infuriated some parents when she missed a scheduled event to meet them Thursday in New Hampshire.

The event was to take place at the Laconia Boys and Girls Club after Clinton participated in two forums on heroin use, but apparently she ran out of time before she could get to the children, NH1 reported.

“When I heard it, I was kind of angry and mad at the same time,” 8-year-old Landon Bormes told NH1. “And I kind of felt a little bit sad because I was looking forward to it for all day today.”

His father was none too happy either.

“I think it’s unacceptable,” Michael Bormes said. “You want to be the president of the United States, it starts with the youth. You couldn’t even live up to a promise that was made or told to these kids?”

The children had written her letters, questions and even decorated a bathroom for her.

Clinton Bathroom
Photo credit NH1.
Clinton Bathroom
Photo credit NH1.

“It just didn’t happen,” school representative Traci Tucker said. “She ran out of time. There were tears, they were really looking forward to it.”

Tucker added that the experience could work as a good life lesson for the kids, who ranged from 8 to 13.

“Sometimes you look forward to things and they just don’t work out. You might work hard to make sure you’re ready for it, and the other part might not come through. And that’s just, it’s a bummer of a lesson to learn, especially at this age, but it gave us a little something to talk about.”

Maybe Clinton got scared, knowing the kids had written questions.

The Clinton camp said she “hopes to meet with them” the next time she is in Laconia.

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