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Watch: Boston construction workers help cop take down unruly suspect

Source: BPD News

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Boston Police Commissioner William Evans honored two construction workers for helping an officer arrest a suspect late last month.

“These construction workers do a lot for this city and have always had a great relationship with our officers,” Evans said when he presented the awards, according to BPD News, the official website of the Boston Police Department.

“We appreciate their support and the support of those from Boston Properties for their role in following up on this incident,” he said Thursday.

BPD News reported:

At about 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015, Boston Police Officer Edward Fleming was performing a detail for Turner Construction at 888 Boylston St. when a description was broadcast over police radio of a larceny suspect from the Berkeley College Bookstore, a few blocks away.

Officer Fleming, being an ever-vigilant officer with 21 years of service on the BPD, heard the broadcast and subsequently observed the suspect walk by, still carrying the stolen merchandise. Officer Fleming notified 911 Operations and pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect fled down Boylston St. and into the Prudential Mall. Officer Fleming followed the suspect into the Pru, down corridors, and caught up with him at an elevator vestibule. It was at this time that Officer Fleming was met with violent resistance as he attempted to place the suspect into custody.

Fortunately, Officer Fleming was not alone.  Turner Construction workers Ned Flood and Robert Doyle saw Officer Fleming chasing the suspect down the street and followed them into the Pru. When they saw Officer Fleming struggling to take the suspect into custody, without regard for their own safety, they came to Officer Fleming’s aid, allowing for a quick resolution to the struggle.

The suspect, a violent career criminal, was subsequently charged with larceny and was also found to be wanted on numerous unrelated warrants.

Officer Fleming is commended for his actions in this matter.  His ever-vigilant nature has shown through on many occasions.  He is a stalwart officer who always works to the very best of his abilities and can be counted upon to assist anyone in need.

Mr. Flood and Mr. Doyle are also commended for their selfless actions while coming to the aid of Officer Fleming.  The actions taken by these men are refreshing, especially in these times of violence against police officers, negative publicity, and cellphone videos.


“The ‘thin blue line’ just got a little bit thicker,” District D-4 (South End) Captain Paul Ivens said when Flood and Doyle received their plaques.

Watch surveillance footage of the incident here:


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