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Mom gets hot when school punishes son for American flag shirt

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american-flag-t-shirtA North Texas woman is on the warpath after her son was punished for violating the school’s dress code: he wore an American flag T-shirt to school.

An administrator at Seagoville High School in Dallas asked Jaegur Goode, a 16-year-old junior, to lift his hoodie.

“Underneath that shirt, he was wearing [the American flag] shirt,” Shelly Goode, Jaegur’s mother, told local Fox affiliate KDFW-TV Fox 4 News.

That punishment on his record poses a problem for the boy, who is said to be passionate about ROTC, which he hopes will lead to a scholarship.

“He wants to go into the military,” Shelly Goode told the station. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn’t look good.”

The problem is that the school requires that students wear solid-colored shirts. The only exceptions are school or university logos or designs that support the military.

An American flag isn’t a show of support for the military?

“Why doesn’t [the shirt Jaegur wore] count?” FOX 4’s Diana Zoga asked Goode.

“I have no idea,” Jaegur’s mother answered. “I would like that answer.”

Goode got nowhere when she talked to the vice principal; he stood by the punishment.

“If he was breaking the rules, he would be punished and he would have to honor whatever they give him, but he wasn’t, and I have to stand by him for that,” Goode said.

Basically, all Goode wanted was something in writing explaining the school’s policy and decision, which was when Fox 4 News got involved and began asking questions.

Fox 4 reported:

Seagoville High is in the Dallas Independent School District. It confirms that flags can be displayed on clothing.

The school’s principal said he was off campus on Monday when the incident happened.

He also explained to Shelly that the in-school suspension time doesn’t go onto a student’s disciplinary record.

“The fact that acknowledging it is huge, and the fact that they’re willing to stand by and see mistakes and grow from them, that means a lot,” said Shelly.

Watch the news clip, via Fox 4 News.


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