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Kevin Spacey reveals who his ‘House of Cards’ confidante is: ‘Nice try liberals’

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colbert-spaceyActor Kevin Spacey this week jokingly revealed what “House of Cards” fans wanted to know from the beginning: just who is his character, Frank Underwood, talking to when he looks directly into the camera to deliver his asides?

The answer? None other than brash showman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Who do you think you’re talking to when you talk right to the camera?” host Stephen Colbert asked Spacey on CBS’ “The Late Show” on Wednesday night.

“This is the truth from the very beginning,” Spacey said as he turned to look directly at the camera lens and assumed Underwood’s Southern drawl.

“When I’m looking directly into that camera, I’m talking to one person and one person only — and that is Donald Trump,” Spacey said.

“Now it all starts to make sense,” Spacey told Colbert.

One Twitter user, however, noted a fatal flaw in Spacey’s assertion, adding, “Nice try liberals”:

Watch the clip, via “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert:


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