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Hear how Hillary responds to Fiorina’s ‘dare’ to watch Planned Parenthood videos

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Clinton BlitzerIf this running for president thing doesn’t work out, Hillary Clinton ought to try her hand on “Dancing with the Stars,” because she did a two-step on a question about Carly Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood challenge that would make Fred Astaire applaud.

In an interview Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer asked Clinton if she had watched the undercover Planned Parenthood videos that show the abortion provider negotiating for the sale of fetal body parts.

“Well, Wolf, let’s break down what’s happening here, because I think it’s important. I know that there is a move on by some of the Republicans in Congress to actually shut down the United States government over their demand that we no longer give federal funding to Planned Parenthood to perform the really necessary health services that they do for women,” she said, side-stepping the actual question.

“So, let’s put aside for a moment here that there is no debate and there should be absolutely no argument that Planned Parenthood does cancer screenings, it helps provide family planning and contraceptive advice, it works to provide, you know, some of the most difficult kinds of counseling when it comes to giving an HIV test, for example. What this is about is the fact that some of the Planned Parenthood facilities perform abortions, which is legal under the laws of the United States,” she added.

OK, but did you see the videos?

Luckily for Clinton, and not surprisingly, the CNN host didn’t press her to answer that very basic question.

Watch the clip below:

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