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Anderson Cooper apologizes to guest for being an unbelievably pompous ass

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iraqAnderson Cooper used his elite status to condescendingly insult a pro-Donald Trump guest who was visiting CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Thursday.

“I’ve spent more time overseas than you ever have in your little life,” Cooper said.

Cooper, still railing over Donald Trump’s “unacceptable” answer at a campaign event where a man asked Trump what he planned to do about America’s “Muslim problem,” took his frustration out on Andy Dean, who was there to defend Trump.

Trump blamed for question: ‘We got a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims . . . our current president is one’

Dean started by saying Cooper was taking Trump’s reaction to the man’s Muslim question out of context.

That’s as far as Dean got before Cooper went on the attack with insults.

“OK, how much time have you spent overseas…” Cooper challenged. He relentlessly drilled Dean over how much time he had spent “in the Muslim world” and whether he’d visited places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, Dean ended it.

“Anderson! What is your point here?” he asked.

Dean was able to get out that Trump’s concern is about radical Muslims and potential terrorist training camps arising within the United States.

After the panel discussion, Cooper apologized to Dean for his obnoxious behavior. He explained his apology on Twitter:


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