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Actor Mickey Rourke wants 30 seconds alone with ‘big-mouth b**ch bully’ Trump; likes ‘the black dude’

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Actor Mickey Rourke doesn’t think much of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and says he’d like to fight him — but first he may have to battle his own ignorance.

“Tell Donald Trump to go f**k himself,” Rourke told TMZ. “He’s nothing but a big-mouth b**ch bully, and I’d love to have 30 seconds in the room with the little b**ch.”

When asked by TMZ who he would like to see as president, Rourke showed that his political wisdom should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

“I like the doctor, uh, the black dude,” Rourke said, an apparent reference to Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and another 2016 GOP presidential candidate.

But “the black dude”? That may not go over too splendidly with your liberal Hollywood friends, Mr. Rourke.

Watch the TMZ interview:

Mickey Rourke Challenges Trump

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