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Trump jab plays Jeb clash for laughs: ‘More energy tonight, I LIKE that!’

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trump fetTalk about damning with faint praise! Donald Trump used a quick bit of wit to take a direct jab at Jeb Bush’s “low energy” during Wednesday night’s Republican presidential primary debate.

The two have been verbally sparring from afar during campaign events on the road, but when they came face-to-face things became even more heated.

Bush, the former governor of Florida, accused Trump of trying to lobby him to build a casino in the state, something Trump insisted was “totally false.”

“I woulda gotten it,” a seemingly astounded Trump told Bush.

Determined to stand his ground against the “master insulter,” Bush repeatedly interrupted Trump, until the billionaire shut Bush down once and for all.

“More energy tonight, I like that!” Trump said.


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