Rand Paul’s idea of a Secret Service code name has social media howling!

feature batRand Paul was hoping to have a big night during the Republican presidential primary debate, but probably not in the way it panned out for him.

CNN moderators tried to lighten the intense mood Wednesday by asking contenders what they would choose to be their Secret Service code names if they were elected president.

Put on the spot for a question that probably felt out of left field, the presidential hopefuls did pretty well, keeping the names short and uncontroversial, well, except for one.

Rand Paul’s chosen name of “Justice Never Sleeps” garnered mountains of mockery on social media. After all, the question was meant to lighten things up already!

For real. But Paul was on the spot. Still, social media had no mercy:


Now that’s just mean.

Speaking of Donald, his codename was “Humble.” Something that could also be mock-worthy, but Trump mostly got away unscathed.

H/T: Twitchy.com

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