Michelle Malkin shreds Hillary’s act on ‘The Tonight Show’ with one razor-sharp post

The mere mention of Donald Trump seems to have Hillary Clinton squirming in her pantsuit.

Clinton appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to poke fun at the Republican presidential debate, but all the two talked about was Trump.

In a skit intended to show off Clinton’s newly found “humor and heart” Fallon impersonated Trump, while Clinton skillfully dodged his jabs with loads of cackling and premeditated smiles.

Of course, Trump mockery wouldn’t be complete if hair jokes weren’t in the mix:

The two carried the hairy fun over to the stage where Clinton invited Fallon to pull on her locks to prove it was real.

Didn’t Americans see that bit somewhere before? That’s right, when Trump spontaneously pulled a fan on stage from a campaign audience to do the same thing!

Hillary’s attempt at inauthentic humor didn’t win over any of her critics, least of all, conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin, who summed up the entire Clinton interview on Twitter:

Malkin was not alone in her review:

This many:

Exactly. If Hillary’s not careful those underused smile muscles will start to get sore.

Now that sounds like a plan.

The Trump impersonation skit can be seen here:

H/T: Twitchy.com


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