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Caught on video: Civilians rush to blazing gas station crash, pull victims from inferno

car crash
Photo source: Armidale Express.com.

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Two people caught in a blazing fire after their car careened into a gas pump found out that real-life heroes really do exist.

A woman who recorded the harrowing incident can be heard yelling to one of the men rushing toward the blaze.

“Ivan! Ivan be careful… Ivan! Come back!”

Witnesses say the car immediately caught on fire after it crashed into a gas pump at the Caltex Service Station in Armidale, New South Wales, on Sunday.

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Thankfully, at least two good Samaritans were there to pull the victims from the car before emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

The injured are reported to be in stable condition, miraculously without burns, and are recovering at a nearby hospital, the Northern Daily Leader reported.


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