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Ben Carson slams CNN debate format to Megyn Kelly; ‘moderators lost control’

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carsonAt least one candidate on stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday was decidedly not happy with how things turned out.

In a post-debate interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, presidential hopeful Ben Carson slammed CNN’s debate format and suggested that the moderators lost control.

He argued that candidates weren’t given enough time to give complete answers, forcing them to give sound bites rather than thoughtful responses. He suggested either lengthening the debate or paring down the number of candidates.

CNN had 11 candidates in the main debate, and four in the second-tier debate that ended shortly before.

“The American people deserve better than that,” Carson told Kelly. “It’s a matter of how good of a politician are you. How polished are you in getting out a sound bite? But I’m not sure that’s all that helpful for the American people.”

However, Carson evidently made out well in the debate. He told Kelly that he acquired 300,000 new Facebook friends and $1 million more in campaign funds during the course of the evening.

“I can’t complain too much,” he said.

Watch the interview here. Carson’s comments about the format begin about the 2:15 mark.


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