Ann Coulter’s ‘f***ing Jews’ post during debate sparks social media firestorm

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter set social media on fire Wednesday night with a remark about “f***king Jews.”

A number of candidates in CNN’s Republican presidential primary debate took great care to reference Israel in their closing remarks in response to the added dangers the United States ally faces with Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East.

All of which proved to be too much for Coulter.

The candidates were asked to explain how America would look under their presidencies, and Coulter began commenting on those who mentioned Israel in their responses. Most, if not all, GOP contenders oppose President Obama’s one-sided nuclear deal with Iran, which puts Israel at risk.

But Coulter, who is no fan of Rubio or Huckabee, was just getting started. In fact, following her Twitter feed throughout the night, it’d be reasonable to wonder if the best-selling author was drunk-tweeting.

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Coulter added that Chris Christie also mentioned Israel, then dropped this beauty in response to what she saw as excessive pandering to Jewish voters:

The post created such a firestorm of criticism, Coulter felt compelled to respond in an effort to explain herself — or downplay what proved to be a highly controversial comment. Either way, if the goal was to draw attention, she succeeded wildly.

Here’s sampling of her responses to critics from Twitter:

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