13-year-old Obama critic SLAMS president over Muslim teen’s White House invitation

cj-pearsonThe13-year-old black conservative who’s made national news by criticizing the Obama administration on social media posts came out swinging Thursday over President Obama’s invitation to a Muslim teenager in Texas to visit the White House.

C.J. Pearson, a middle school student in Georgia, hammered President Barack Obama for the invitation to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed after Mohamed was led from his high school in handcuffs Monday, suspected of bringing a homemade bomb to school.

It turned out that the item in the teen’s backpack was nothing more than a clock that he had made and wanted to show off.

Pearson began by comparing Mohamed’s “injustice” to a much more egregious one — the July 1 death of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

“When Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal immigrant, you didn’t do anything. You didn’t even call the family. You didn’t invite them to the White House. Is that OK?” Pearson asked in the video.

“I don’t think so, Mr. President. And to go in further, Mr. President, when cops are being gunned down, you don’t invite their families to the White House. You never did. But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? Well, come on by!”

Pearson than asked Obama what’s important to him.

“Mr. President, what are your priorities here? Because honestly, I think you’re being ignorant. I think you’re incompetent, and I don’t think you understand reality,” he continued.

“The reality of the situation is that you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock. I’m sorry, I hate to be harsh, but it’s the blatant truth. He’s a Muslim kid. He fits into your agenda, so you’re going to invite him. That’s great for you.”

He again refers to Steinle — as well as the five military personnel who were shot by an Islamic extremist in Chattanooga and police officers who are being attacked in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“And you think, Mr. President, that I’m going to respect you?” he asked. “How am I going to respect you when you don’t respect the brave men and women and the innocent people who lost their lives because of your politics?”

Watch the video, via C.J. Pearson’s YouTube channel.

Social media users rallied to C.J.’s video.

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18 thoughts on “13-year-old Obama critic SLAMS president over Muslim teen’s White House invitation

  1. Susan Horsley says:

    This young man is great. Does it matter if he may have been looking at notes or not? I think he was speakking from his heart myself and felt his words to be encouraging. Encouraging that there is still hope for his generation. As gas the muslim young man. Muslims a very smart people, that’s why I find it so interesting that a high school student would bring a clock to school because he wanted to show it off. If that is the case why didn’t he tell s teacher or someone in charge I have this clock I would like to bring and share with everyone. Interesting. I’m just not sure what high school student would want to being a clock or anything like that to school to show it off. Yes that would want to show off the current fad but a clock? That thing must be very special. I have two children a son and a daughter who each made me a beautiful clock to sit on my mantel when they where in Jr High. But neither of them have ever wanted to take it to school. Humm…….

    1. vicki miller says:

      As for his notes, i didn’t see anyone complaining about Obama’s teleprompters

  2. Zombie says:

    Thumbs UP “CJ” keep up the honesty ……..and FU MUSLIM POS POTUS……Hey Soetoro, you only invited Bomb / Clock maker because his daddy is a muslim who ran for office and failed twice in his homeland…….

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