13-year-old Obama critic SLAMS president over Muslim teen’s White House invitation

cj-pearsonThe13-year-old black conservative who’s made national news by criticizing the Obama administration on social media posts came out swinging Thursday over President Obama’s invitation to a Muslim teenager in Texas to visit the White House.

C.J. Pearson, a middle school student in Georgia, hammered President Barack Obama for the invitation to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed after Mohamed was led from his high school in handcuffs Monday, suspected of bringing a homemade bomb to school.

It turned out that the item in the teen’s backpack was nothing more than a clock that he had made and wanted to show off.

Pearson began by comparing Mohamed’s “injustice” to a much more egregious one — the July 1 death of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

“When Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal immigrant, you didn’t do anything. You didn’t even call the family. You didn’t invite them to the White House. Is that OK?” Pearson asked in the video.

“I don’t think so, Mr. President. And to go in further, Mr. President, when cops are being gunned down, you don’t invite their families to the White House. You never did. But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? Well, come on by!”

Pearson than asked Obama what’s important to him.

“Mr. President, what are your priorities here? Because honestly, I think you’re being ignorant. I think you’re incompetent, and I don’t think you understand reality,” he continued.

“The reality of the situation is that you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock. I’m sorry, I hate to be harsh, but it’s the blatant truth. He’s a Muslim kid. He fits into your agenda, so you’re going to invite him. That’s great for you.”

He again refers to Steinle — as well as the five military personnel who were shot by an Islamic extremist in Chattanooga and police officers who are being attacked in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“And you think, Mr. President, that I’m going to respect you?” he asked. “How am I going to respect you when you don’t respect the brave men and women and the innocent people who lost their lives because of your politics?”

Watch the video, via C.J. Pearson’s YouTube channel.

Social media users rallied to C.J.’s video.

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18 thoughts on “13-year-old Obama critic SLAMS president over Muslim teen’s White House invitation

  1. Rip Rogers says:

    That young lad has more savvy of what is right and wrong than Barack.

    1. Molly Jones says:

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  2. Stevie10703 says:

    Its a shame he’s so young because I’d vote for him for President right now.

  3. Marianna Mansfeldova says:

    and btw did president Obama invited to White house those three heroes who stop the terorist in the train in France?

    1. billpayor says:

      Yes, there were there today, I believe, could have been yesterday. I am no Obama lover but saw it on the news this morning.

    2. purplewings says:

      Finally, weeks later, after there were so many comments about his not doing it.

      1. Marianna Mansfeldova says:

        Yeah, I saw that today also :-))

    3. Zombie says:

      He only invited them, because of French and UN backlash,……..in his delusional mind he is planning on being President of the UN if he isn’t tried for TREASON here first, or he wouldn’t have invited them to the WH.

  4. LittleRoot_48 says:

    This young man is NOT a son of obama!

  5. bikerdogred1 says:

    The poor blacks the one the democrats made can go pound salt in Obama’s eyes unless of course they are muslim.

  6. happythoughts66 says:

    I’d vote for this boy for senator of my state. It takes guts to stand up and name names.

  7. Beeotchstewie says:

    This young man gets it, he sees what is really going on and he does not buy the lies coming from DC and the MSM. He is a real breath of fresh air. Way to go young man! Too bad he is but one voice of sanity.

  8. John Campbell says:

    I can tell you that having just watched that abortion video expose’, my heart really isn’t in this story here. Just wanted to say that this boy is spot on. Glad to see he’s back telling it like it is.

    God Bless.

  9. Pat Boyd says:

    This young man can accomplish whatever he aspires to accomplish! At such a young age he’s great!!!

  10. Mary Brown says:

    This young man is going to go places!

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