Trump’s debate attack on Rand Paul is going to echo: ‘Shouldn’t even be on this stage’

The sparks between Republican front-runner Donal Trump and rival Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul have been flying for days, but after Wednesday night’s exchanges they’re likely to intensify. […]

13-year-old Obama critic SLAMS president over Muslim teen’s White House invitation

The13-year-old black conservative who’s made national news by criticizing the Obama administration on social media posts came out swinging Thursday over President Obama’s invitation to a Muslim […]

Fiorina slaps down George Stephanopoulos in post-debate interview; ‘No, I didn’t misspeak’

The morning after her epic attack on the butchers of Planned Parenthood during the Republican presidential primary debate, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos tried in vain to scold Carly […]

Jindal’s attack on GOP establishment touches a nerve; ‘Trump’s popularity in a nutshell’

Things couldn’t have been too comfortable in the Republican congressional leadership on Debate Wednesday. President Obama and Hillary Clinton weren’t the only targets for criticism from Republican […]

‘Knock out game’ back as black teen admits gang attack on white victim; ‘It’s called KO’

According to one of the black teens who participated in a violent attack on a homeless man, it was all fun and games — as in the […]

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While they wage war on cops, Black Lives Matter thugs get welcome at the White House

The Obama administration continues its stellar tradition of embracing the most radical elements of American society. Amid the media glare of the second Republican primary presidential debate, […]

Oops! Nobel Committee insider admits Obama’s Peace Prize was a dumb move

The former long-time director of the Nobel Institute admits in his memoir released Thursday something conservative critics have known for years: That it was a mistake to […]

Barbara Boxer still isn’t over what Carly Fiorina said about her hair — in 2010

Talk about holding a grudge! California Democrats and MSNBC liberals just can’t resist an opportunity to trash-talk strong Republican women — even if it means rehashing a […]

Caught on video: Civilians rush to blazing gas station crash, pull victims from inferno

Two people caught in a blazing fire after their car careened into a gas pump found out that real-life heroes really do exist. A woman who recorded […]

Michelle Malkin shreds Hillary’s act on ‘The Tonight Show’ with one razor-sharp post

The mere mention of Donald Trump seems to have Hillary Clinton squirming in her pantsuit. Clinton appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to […]

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Rand Paul’s idea of a Secret Service code name has social media howling!

Rand Paul was hoping to have a big night during the Republican presidential primary debate, but probably not in the way it panned out for him. CNN […]

Ted Cruz knows he was shut down by CNN moderators — and he knows why

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz found himself on the short end of speaking time during Wednesday’s presidential primary debate — and wasn’t shy about telling Fox News’ host […]