Texas voters may see choice to secede from union on 2016 ballot

Texans may have a choice to vote on secession from the union on the March 2016 GOP primary ballot.

Such a question would be a significant anti-establishment victory against a state GOP that likes to control who and what appears on the Republican primary ballot.

Texas GOP communications director Aaron Whitehead isn’t happy about the effort, and talked to the Texas Tribune about it Tuesday.

“Historically the executive committee of the Republican Party has chosen what goes on this,” Whitehead said, “and it’s party preference that it stays that way.”

Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, said he was forced to go around the state party because it opposes secession.

“We have been rebuffed, and not just us as an organization, but essentially anyone in any position inside the party that has advocated for this position has been rebuffed,” said Miller of the state GOP.

Nathan Smith, who is heading the effort, said that there are enough volunteers collecting signatures to build statewide teams.

““We have had volunteers step up all over Texas to build teams, join teams and organize these locations. And that is what I hope everyone understands. These are not paid professionals. These are volunteers from all walks of life that have one goal – Texas independence,” said Smith.

To be placed on the March 2016 GOP ballot, the group will need 75,000 signatures. Even though the question will be non-binding, supporters say the ultimate goal is inspired by Scotland’s move to independence last year and will hopefully inspire enough support to place a binding question on a future Texas ballot.



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