Rock legend Elton John punked on ‘Putin’ call; Vladimir isn’t interested in gay rights?

eltonjohnputin0916Much of the gay left was still swooning Wednesday over a supposed chat between rock legend Elton John and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it turns out the little tete a tete was as made up as Boy George.

Two Russian comedians were actually behind the call, which took place on Monday .

“It turned out that Elton John was really expecting that call, so he really believed he was talking to the people we said we were,” Russian funnyman Vladimir Krasnov told the BBC in an interview late Tuesday.

“He said ‘Thank you, you have made my day. This day and this conversation were the most wonderful of my life.'”

John, the flamboyantly homosexual rock star who “married” his longtime lover after England legalized gay weddings in 2014, was so elated with his conversation with the man he thought was the Russian president that he posted a love note to the most vicious Russian leader since Leonid Brezhnev crushed the “Prague Spring.”

It’s always fascinating how open the lefties are to embracing leftist dictators — they loved Mussolini back in the day, they still love the Castro brothers — but the naivete it would take for someone as supposedly sophisticated as Elton John to think that a jackbooting Vladimir Putin would be open to some quality time sipping tea and talking LGBT takes the cake for wishful thinking. And the two pranksters taking John for a sucker had the social media world howling.  





Here’s a hint to the left: A guy who thinks so little of “Western” values that he invades a neighboring country right after wrapping the Olympics — and gets away with it — isn’t the person to talk to about the seating chart for your gay wedding. And definitely not a #ShareTheLove kind of guy.





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