Rand Paul tries to intimidate Trump: Warns he’s about to give him what ‘he deserves’ and EXPOSE him

It’s not easy being on top.

Republican presidential candidates are preparing to go after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump full force at the second GOP presidential debate, which is set to get underway Wednesday night on CNN.

“I think he deserves both barrels,” Rand Paul told The Daily Caller on Tuesday. “I want to make sure everyone in the whole country knows he’s a fake conservative.”

His attack on Trump at the previous debate held in August fell flat as Trump’s poll numbers have steadily increased while Paul’s have declined. But the Kentucky senator has a plan in place to “expose” the billionaire real estate mogul this time.

“I think ultimately, when voters fully grasp who he is and what he supports, I think they’ll run away with their hair on fire,” he said.

Paul said conservative voters have been duped by a fraudulent Trump who is really all the things he professes to hate.

“The message hasn’t penetrated yet that Donald Trump isn’t one of us,” he told the Daily Caller. “He’s barely a Republican. He’s been a Democrat. He’s been a huge supporter of Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel.

“He’s the consummate insider, buying and selling politicians,” he added, referencing Trump’s many donations to politicians from all parties over the years.

If this interview is any indication, Wednesday’s debate is going to be gloves-off and no-holds-barred.

Watch some of their first battle below.

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