Joy-less Behar goes on tirade against Fiorina: ‘It’s not your face, honey’ . . . you should be ashamed

She has the nerve . . .

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Revenge: Caroline Kennedy angry after Hillary’s secret emails reveal back-stabbing, source says

They are two of the most powerful families in politics and they may be set to lock horns. Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, is said […]

Miracle video: Kayak nearly crushed by giant whale

A group of whale watchers got more than they bargained for as they watched a boat full of kayakers narrowly avoid being crushed to death by a humpback whale. […]

‘Fox News Anchor or Porn Star?’ One beauty fires back after Conan plugs trashy fake book

Fox News continues to serve as a convenient punching bag for the left, and the indignity apparently extends to the women who work for the highest rated cable […]

Muslim student, 14, led out in cuffs for showing teachers homemade alarm clock that looked like bomb

A 14-year-old student in Irving, Texas, was suspended from school and arrested after teachers reported a homemade alarm clock he brought to school as a potential “hoax […]

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar causes uproar for saying THIS about Miss Colorado’s stethoscope

The ladies on ABC’s “The View” don’t seem to have much respect for the medical profession. Or women, for that matter. The co-hosts of the popular show […]

Quick-thinking pastor thwarts terrorist who came to ‘kill the infidels’

A cool-headed, quick-thinking pastor in Texas narrowly averted a tragedy when a man bent on jihad entered his church and declared he was going to kill Christians […]

NFL star player unloads on Black Lives Matter after ‘cheap thug’ used his image

Super Bowl winning NFL player Richard Sherman was dragged into the Black Lives Matter movement against his will, when a picture showing him talking to another player went […]

Texas voters may see choice to secede from union on 2016 ballot

Texans may have a choice to vote on secession from the union on the March 2016 GOP primary ballot. Such a question would be a significant anti-establishment […]

Photos: Brave first-responders pull off memorial stair climb despite bomb threat

Despite the best efforts of a Florida man intent on planting a bomb at the event, the Kansas City 911 Stair Climb went off as planned Sunday […]

Judge rules in favor of writing profanities on your traffic ticket – don’t mess with 1st Amendment!

Irony struck a village named Liberty when a federal judge rebuked the town for trampling the First Amendment rights of an angry man who expressed himself by writing […]

Facebook announces ‘thumbs down’ dislike option; users have mixed opinions

A ‘thumbs down’ option may be coming to Facebook soon, just in time for a presidential election season. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was very […]