Obama invites Muslim kid with fake ‘bomb’ to the White House hours after story goes viral

muslimteen0916This is President Obama’s priority problem in a nutshell:

The same man who could wait three days to issue a boilerplate statement about a police officer executed for wearing his uniform wasted no time Wednesday issuing a White House invitation to a Muslim teenager pulled from his classroom Monday for bringing a clock to school that teachers thought looked like a bomb.

In fact, he barely waited three hours after the news went viral.

The “Ahmed” here is Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas, teenager whose homemade clock panicked his high school teachers when its alarm went off in the boy’s backpack.

Ahmed was apparently “less than forthcoming” with cops about what the device actually was and was led from the school in handcuffs. He was not charged in the incident.

That didn’t stop it from becoming a cause celebre among the grievance crowd, who claimed Ahmed was treated more harshly because he is a Muslim.

And that’s all that the grievance-mongering White House needed to jump in. And for the grievance-mongering White House fans to lap it up.

Actually, that’s about as wrong as wrong can be. A white kid not only would have been arrested, he’d have been crucified by the media as a white supremacist hell-bent on destruction.

And a president who was really a class act wouldn’t have waited three days between the murder of a deputy while pumping gas and putting out a statement deploring it.

The fact that they both happened in Texas just adds to the fury.



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