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Joy-less Behar goes on tirade against Fiorina: ‘It’s not your face, honey’ . . . you should be ashamed

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Carly Fiorina got an earful from ultra-liberal feminist Joy Behar, who said Fiorina “should be ashamed of herself” for supporting conservative policies.

Behar, co-host of “The View,” began her tirade Tuesday in reaction to the former HP CEO and 2016 Republican presidential candidate’s video titled “look at this face.”

The video was made in response to Donald Trump’s barb earlier this month, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”

Referring to the Republican party as “the party of women’s suffrage” (correctly so: The 19th Amendment was largely opposed by Democrats and supported by Republicans), Fiorina’s video definitely struck a raw nerve with Behar, who said:

She has the nerve to use the term women’s suffrage when she’s against Planned Parenthood and women’s maternity leave. She’s against ObamaCare. She’s anti-choice. She uses the term women’s suffrage. She should be ashamed of herself. It’s not your face honey, it’s your policy.


Based on conservative reactions on Twitter, Fiorina’s headed in the right direction.

Fiorina will go face to face with frontrunner Trump and the other leading candidates in Wednesday’s GOP debate.

Watch Behar’s rant below.

Steve Berman


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