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Chelsea Clinton doesn’t get how people don’t trust her ‘hero’ mom

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Facing new poll results showing Bernie Sanders beating her by seven points on Tuesday, the Hillary Clinton campaign dispatched daughter Chelsea to help.

Speaking on NBC’s ‘Today’ show on Tuesday, Chelsea Clinton responded to news of the poll, saying, “I’m not a pundit. I’m a daughter. And I love and admire my mom.”

The effort was part of the Clinton presidential campaign’s struggle with what has come to be known as her ‘unrelatable’ problem.

A simple Google search will uncover polls and commentary surrounding the former first lady’s problem of connecting with the typical voter.

The campaign must force Hillary-watchers to see her more as a mother, a woman, and a victim of Bill, in order to humanize the candidate who has claimed she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

The NBC program was an opportunity to do just that, being billed as a chance for former first daughter turned media personality, Chelsea Clinton, to push her new book on politics. The informed are aware that it’s just an opportunity to inject Chelsea into the presidential campaign, and to compel younger people to pay attention to Hillary.

“My mom is my hero,” Chelsea told the audience. “I know that she’s talking about issues that are important to families across our country.”



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