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Bill Maher rails against Obama’s executive actions; he’s acting ‘like a king’

“Real Time with Bill Maher”

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The nauseatingly liberal comic and commentator, Bill Maher, has accidentally stumbled into a brief moment of common sense.

Writing on the blog for his HBO TV show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he warned liberals that the day might be coming when they won’t be such fans of President Obama’s executive actions.

“The president is now more like a king,” Maher wrote.

Referencing Obama’s recent executive order to rename Alaska’s Mount McKinley, and his order requiring companies that work with the government to provide their employees with sick leave, Maher argued that Obama’s style of executive overreach is hurting the democratic process.

“I also used to remember a time when things like this and the Denali thing were bills, and they were introduced in Congress, and went through a ‘legislative process’ to see if they had ‘popular support,’ at which point they were either ‘signed’ or ‘vetoed’ by the president.” Maher wrote.


Unlike some of Obama’s other liberal fans, Maher seems to realize that Obama’s penchant for getting around Congress will likely have long term consequences.

“It just reminds you that in today’s environment, with a dysfunctional Congress, whoever wins the presidency rules the country in a way they haven’t before. Executive orders are the new legislation,” Maher wrote.


And, just in case his staunchly liberal followers still didn’t understand, Maher spelled out the “danger” of Republicans using executive orders to undo Obama’s leftist accomplishments.

“The president is now more like a king. And if a Republican wins, you can get ready to have your benefits slashed, your immigration laws enforced differently, and all your mountains named after Reagan,” he wrote.


Republicans wouldn’t name all the mountains after Reagan. Besides, it would be somewhat refreshing to see an executive action or two that actually enforces immigration law for a change.

But Maher’s decision to rant against Obama’s executive overreach is also somewhat refreshing, even if it is several years too late.

It goes to show that despite his liberal bent, even someone like Bill Maher is capable of flirting with common sense every once in a while.

Michael Schaus


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