Another facepalm, Jeb! Anti-Trump ad meant to tout America mistakenly uses clips from WHERE?

The ad campaign by the Jeb Bush-backing Super PAC Right To Rise was aimed at attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, but it backfires so badly, it probably just gave Trump much more ammunition.

The ad, which attacks Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” begins with 18 seconds of sound clips of Trump statements that, out of context, seem to disparage America.

Several scenes later, a clip of men working on a scaffold is shown with the words “America is great” emblazoned on the image.

Jeb Bush Ad

Unfortunately for Jeb, those words were printed over a scene of workers constructing a building in Southeast Asia, according to Pond5, Politico reported.

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And a subsequent clip that shows a father getting a child ready for school may not be American either, as it is owned by a British company named Monkey Business, according to iStock.

Jeb Bush Ad

Right To Rise has not yet commented on the revelations.

Watch the entire campaign ad below.

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