POLL: Who do you think won the CNN GOP Presidential Primary Debate?


Rock legend Elton John punked on ‘Putin’ call; Vladimir isn’t interested in gay rights?

Much of the gay left was still swooning Wednesday over a supposed chat between rock legend Elton John and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it turns out […]

Police officer shocked to find horrible message in business bathroom

The veil continues to be lifted off of Black Lives Matter, a group many believe should believe should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization. On the heels […]

Cops told ‘we don’t serve police officers’ – at a Whataburger!

What the … Whataburger? A north Texas franchise of the Southern fast-food chain Whataburger is the latest hot spot for restaurant employees with an anti-cop attitude — […]

Bill Maher rails against Obama’s executive actions; he’s acting ‘like a king’

The nauseatingly liberal comic and commentator, Bill Maher, has accidentally stumbled into a brief moment of common sense. Writing on the blog for his HBO TV show “Real Time […]

‘Lmfao Im on TV’: Mom turns Ferguson looter in to cops after he posts photo of himself

A woman who turned in her own son for last year’s rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, wanted police to know that she didn’t raise him to be a […]

Obama invites Muslim kid with fake ‘bomb’ to the White House hours after story goes viral

This is President Obama’s priority problem in a nutshell: The same man who could wait three days to issue a boilerplate statement about a police officer executed […]

‘JERK!’ Sitcom star, Buffalo Wild Wings ad man caught lying about surviving 9/11

The star of a sitcom based on football fantasy leagues turned out to be living his own sick fantasy by lying about surviving the World Trade Center […]

Police chief booted after post calling Black Lives Matter a terrorist group, blaming Obama for ‘race problem’

A North Carolina police chief has been forced out after posting an open letter on social media condemning the Black Lives Matter movement as an “American born terrorist […]

Another facepalm, Jeb! Anti-Trump ad meant to tout America mistakenly uses clips from WHERE?

The ad campaign by the Jeb Bush-backing Super PAC Right To Rise was aimed at attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, but it backfires so badly, it […]

Chelsea Clinton doesn’t get how people don’t trust her ‘hero’ mom

Facing new poll results showing Bernie Sanders beating her by seven points on Tuesday, the Hillary Clinton campaign dispatched daughter Chelsea to help. Speaking on NBC’s ‘Today’ […]

Ted Cruz releases stinging campaign video ahead of debate ‘there’s a scorpion in the desert’

Ted Cruz released a new commercial ahead of the CNN Republican debate comparing Islamist terrorism to a a scorpion ready to strike America — while the Obama […]

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