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Rudy Giuliani offers advice for Hillary that includes a ‘good criminal lawyer’

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pollTo former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton should be worrying more about finding a good lawyer than having good poll numbers.

As the investigation around Clinton’s secret email server intensifies, Giuliani told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that it might be time for her to seek legal representation.

“Hillary needs a really good criminal lawyer,” Giuliani said on Monday’s “Hannity.” “She’s in serious jeopardy.”

Depending on what investigators find, the presidential hopeful could be facing criminal charges, Giuliani said, dashing her aspirations to once again reside at the White House.

Giuliani discussed the recent revelation that the company Clinton hired to manage her secret server stated the emails had not been wiped clean. That means the thousands of emails Clinton and her lawyers deleted could be recoverable.

Giuliani said Clinton will have big problems if any of the recovered information turns up as “classified.”

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“She has given no coherent explanation. She has given several contradictory explanations. And that’s the worst possible thing you can do from a political point of view,” Giuliani said.

“From a legal point of view, all those things can be used against you if you ever end up being a defendant in court, as prior contradictory statements.”

Guiliani also listed a myriad of statutes where Clinton could face legal action for violating.

“There’s also a statute that makes you responsible for grossly negligent handling of sensitive government information.” Giuliani explained.

“Now, tell me from what we’ve heard, she wasn’t grossly negligent?”

Check out the interview here. Giuliani comes on about the 1:20 mark.


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