HS football coach, Marine Corps vet not backing down from post-game prayers

According to liberals, God and high school football don’t mix.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington is being “investigated” by the school district for his ritual of saying a short prayer on the 50-yard line after each game.

kennedyJoe Kennedy found himself the focus of an “ongoing investigation” after the district learned that students and parents often joined his voluntary prayer after games, according to King 5 News.

“I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, and it’s been about protecting the freedom of other people,” Kennedy told King 5 News. “It’s about the freedom, and people can believe whatever they want.  I’m just exercising my right.  The game is over, and I just thank God for every one of these young men that are out here.”

District policy doesn’t specifically ban prayer from the field, but it does prohibit coaches from “encouraging” kids to take part. Many of the parents at Monday’s game assumed the investigation was launched after someone expressed concern over “separation of church and state.”

“It is ‘freedom of religion,’ not freedom from religion,” said Bill Bailey, who was actually cheering for Bremerton’s opponent to win the game, adding that kids who don’t like Kennedy’s prayer “don’t have to participate.”

Despite the controversy over his actions, Kennedy says he’s not letting the investigation interfere with his ability to lead the team.

“I don’t really worry about all that nonsense,” he said.  “The only thing I worry about is the kids. It’s not about what my beliefs are, it’s about believing in each other.  It’s about the sport that we love.”

Social media erupted Monday night with users who believe the investigation into Kennedy is just another example of political correctness run amok.

Apparently, plenty of people will keep praying for Kennedy.

On, and off, the field.

Michael Schaus


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