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Ex-bin Laden terrorist on Match.com looking for love from GITMO; chats about Hillary, Trump

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A member of Osama bin Laden’s inner circle is “detained but ready to mingle,” according to a Match.com dating profile he has had for years.

Attorney Carlos Warner helped set up the dating profile back in 2012 for Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani, who is being detained in Guantanamo.

“We decided on two: Plenty Of Fish and Match.com. But Plenty Of Fish required too much classified information – date of birth, exact location. So we went with Match.com,” Warner said, according to the Daily Mail.

“He can’t believe how popular online dating is now. I tell him that’s how most people meet someone these days and he finds that hilarious. Tinder confuses him though – he doesn’t understand really what a smartphone is so the concept of swiping is strange,” Warner added.

A series of bizarre letters were released from al-Afghani showing, among other things, his political views on the race for president.

In a letter dated July 21, 2015, he calls Donald Trump an idiot and racist, saying that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can beat him.

“At this rate Hillary has a chance,” the letter reads.


In another letter, he praises Bruce Jenner’s transformation to a woman.

Al-Afghani has been detained in Guantanamo since 2007. He requested to be sent to Guantanamo instead of being held in Pakistan.


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