Devo singer’s gross 9/11-themed wedding with Twin Towers cake, boxcutter favors


Photos from TMZ
Photos from TMZ

Devo bass player Jerry Casale’s wedding pictures were released by TMZ Monday, showing the wedding cake to be a replica of the 9/11 World Trade Center buildings destroyed by terrorists.

“I joked and said Krista and I are like the twin towers of love and love conquers all and we’re going to resurrect those towers,” said Casale, 67, who was marrying 26-year-old Krista Napp.

Guests at the wedding were given box cutters as party favors, and an image of an engraved box cutter appeared at each table.

Photos from TMZ

This is not the first time Casale has attempted to use Islamic terror as a punchline. Known briefly as “Jihad Jerry” in 2006, Casale released a music video of a solo project called, “Army Girls Gone Wild.”

The project was quickly tabled, and Casale blamed people’s sensitivity, “People are kind of freaked out by the Jihad Jerry stuff. I thought they’d all think it was really funny and get off on it but people are really offended and scared…I think that’s it. I don’t want them to have Jihad Jerry to kick around anymore!”

Casale told TMZ that the 9/11 themed wedding was not his idea, blaming friends for coming up with the cake and favors.

The World Trade Center buildings were destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001 when Islamic terrorists used box cutters to take control of passenger jets, flying the jets into the buildings.


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