How liberals thumb their noses at law banning affirmative action — and get away with it

By Campus Reform Administrators at the University of California at Berkeley believe they have found a loophole in the state’s constitutional ban on affirmative action that will […]

Secret Service protects Hillary from students’ signs; ‘Big Government Sucks’ is too scary?

By Campus Reform Pro-liberty posters put up by a student group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee prior to a speech by Hillary Clinton last week were taken […]

Ex-Convict confronts officer that arrested him and the result was UNFORGETTABLE!

An ex-convict met up with the police officer who arrested him, and the result was not what some might have expected. Texas City Officer Salvador Chapa was at […]

Student sent home for T-shirt that said THIS – now SHE’S offended?

Instead of a rebel flag or a religious symbol, this teen was sent home for a t-shirt that read . . .

Little boy’s kindness brings big, burly cop to near tears at Dunkin Donuts

Sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impressions. One young boy brought a veteran Florida policeman to near tears after he insisted on picking up the officer’s […]

HS football coach, Marine Corps vet not backing down from post-game prayers

According to liberals, God and high school football don’t mix. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington is being […]

Hot mess! Who allowed two escort workers to use Atlanta firehouse for racy sex ads?

Heads could be about to roll at an Atlanta fire station where an investigation is underway to determine who allowed at least two female escorts to use […]

Scott Walker zaps Hillary with epic response after she calls him a bully

Scott Walker is making up for what critics called a lackluster performance during last month’s Republican presidential primary debate. Hillary Clinton targeted Walker on social media Monday, […]

Comedians split on whether to coddle prissy, PC-obsessed college kids

What does Jerry Seinfeld know about comedy anyway? Comedians like Seinfeld — the most successful, famous and outrageously funny comedian in America — just aren’t progressive enough, […]

‘Future president’ Kanye West losing votes in the fashion industry already

Kanye West is no stranger to making people angry, so it ought to be no surprise that his presentation at New York Fashion Week is getting a […]

Hillary says Bill Clinton as her VP has crossed her mind

While it would be the Democratic Party’s dream come true, is a presidential ticket of Clinton and Clinton even a possibility for 2016? Hillary Clinton admits she has thought […]

‘Nothing creepy going on there’: Dr. Phil squashes left’s ugly talk about Trump and daughter Ivanka

Dr. Phil McGraw visited the “The View” on Monday to put to rest the accusations that have been brewing over Donald Trump and his rumored obsession with […]

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