Kentucky cop killer linked to Ferguson riots, but the gun-grabbers blame the NRA?

ponder-shanksThe man cops say gunned down a Kentucky state trooper Sunday night has ties to the riots that gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement, but the gun-grabbers didn’t waste any time trying to blame it all Monday on the NRA.

Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder was fatally shot late Sunday while pursuing a man who fled a routine traffic stop on Interstate 24.

The suspect, Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, was shot and killed Monday morning by troopers when he refused to drop his weapon at the end of a massive manhunt.

According to National Review, Johnson-Shanks is a resident of Florissant, Mo., near Ferguson, and has an arrest record that indicates he was part of the riots there following the death of Michael Brown.

The National Review reported:

According to online records, Johnson-Shanks had been arrested twice: in January 2014, for destruction of property; and in August 2014, for interfering with a police officer. Johnson-Shanks’s listed address is in Florissant, Mo., next door to Ferguson, and the date of his arrest — August 11 — coincides with the riots that broke out following the shooting death of Michael Brown; “interfering with a police officer” was a common charge during the protests.


But gun-grabbers have their own agenda, as always.

Less than 24 hours after Sunday’s tragic event, Shannon Watts, the founder of the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, took to social media to make a full-throated claim that the National Rifle Association is to blame for the incident.

Is this an attempt to lay cover for the Black Lives Matter hate group that emerged from the ashes of Ferguson?

Never mind that the facts in the case are still being determined, the likelihood that Johnson-Shanks legally acquired the weapon he used to murder Trooper Ponder is remote, to say the least.

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Watts’ ill-timed comment is the continuation of an ongoing effort on her part to demonize the NRA, as seen a few days ago when she took umbrage with an ad by the pro-Seconnd Amendment group that featured conservative talk show host Dana Loesch.

Monday’s overreach provided Loesch with an opportunity to renew the budding rivalry between the two. Staying true to form, she did not mince her words, describing Watts’ remark as “ghoulish.”

The reaction on social media suggests Loesch has plenty of company. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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