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Hispanics whack the hell out of ‘EL Trumpo’ effigy as they celebrate Mexico — in St. Louis

Photo Credit Gateway Pundit

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Hispanics in St. Louis celebrated Mexican Independence Day over the weekend by hanging Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in effigy.

The Cherokee Street celebration included a HUGE piñata that bore a striking resemblance to the real estate tycoon. True to form, a select few party-goers got a chance to swing away at “EL Trumpo,” as the piñata was named on a Facebook page set-up for the event.

“Is there anything more American than whacking the hell out of a Donald Trump pinata?” a social media user asked.

The event was hosted by the restaurant Yaquis, and parts of the festivities were captured on video:

H/T Gateway Pundit

“This is for la raza [the race], for the people,” said a man addressing revelers. “Having a different color, having a different language, having a different nationality is a beautiful thing. The United States was founded on a melting pot of people.”

Another man took care to single out Trump.

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“We’re really mad that this guy is saying that all the Spanish people, they’re rapists and animals,” the second man said, followed by “Viva Mexico!”

Here are a few more images of “El Trumpo,” with commentary, from Twitter:

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