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Ben Carson: GOP should pay attention to black communities they’ve neglected

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carson-topRepublican presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson turned “problem” into “opportunity” during his appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz” Sunday.

Fox News host Howard Kurtz asked Carson if “the GOP [is] part of the problem” by ignoring the black community for decades.

“There’s no question that the GOP has a very excellent opportunity by paying attention to some of the communities that they’ve neglected,” Carson replied.

The retired neurosurgeon said Republicans should do a better job of informing the black community of the party’s history as a champion of civil rights, including obtaining gun rights for freed slaves.

The GOP, Carson also said, should emphasize its principles of getting ahead through “hard work and self-reliance.”

Noting that Republicans only receive “between one and seven percent of the black vote in the last four presidential elections,” Kurtz wondered what the GOP could do to turn this around.

Carson said blacks are looking for solutions like anyone else, and won’t “just blindly follow someone because they say do what I tell you do to.”

He emphasized that Republicans should “pay attention” to the black community and explain the mechanisms that are the key to success.

Watch the interview, via Fox News.


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