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Amazon removes vulgar anti-police T-Shirt from its website after consumer backlash

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Online retail giant Amazon.com has caved to customer backlash over its selling of an anti-police T-shirt by removing the product from its website.

The shirt, which is black with the words “F**k The Police” in white block letters and covered in faux blood splatter, caused outrage among consumers on Twitter who discovered it over the weekend — and who used the hashtag #BoycottAmazon to voice their displeasure.

After nine members of a historically black church were murdered in June by white supremacist Dylann Roof, who held a Confederate battle flag in some pictures he posted online, Amazon swiftly discontinued sales of anything that had the symbol on it.

Many wondered why the same consideration wasn’t shown to law enforcement and why the outrageous anti-police shirt was ever offered for sale on the website to begin with. It’s important to note that Amazon, like online auction website eBay, does offer users the opportunity to list their own items for sale, but even then clothing items require approval by Amazon before they are listed.

It’s not known when the derogatory apparel was first posted, but it was pulled from the Amazon website Monday.

No statement was made by the company nor responses given to those who it on Twitter. But Twitter users certainly made their statement.


Carmine Sabia


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