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Must-see parody ad puts a laugh in Trump’s campaign; cheats like a little ‘b*****?’

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donald-billA new attack ad has surfaced, targeting Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, that is so hilarious it has all the earmarks of being a parody.

Beneath the headline “EXCLUSIVE: Shadowy Outside Group Targets Donald Trump in New Attack Ad,” the Washington Free Beacon states, “Golf Cart Veterans for Truth ad shows how to take on Donald Trump.”

Assuming the ad’s a spoof, the idea for it apparently germinated from a Sept. 4 piece in The Washington Post headlined, “Does Donald Trump cheat at golf? A Washington Post investigation.”

The ad begins with a voice-over saying, “Millionaire [not billionaire] Donald Trump claims to oppose cheating,” before referring to the Post article.

The voice-over goes on to say, “Millionaire Donald Trump: Owns golf courses all over the world; cheats like a little b****.”

“We already have a bad golfer in the White House,” the ad concludes. “Can we survive another?”

So who’s responsible for the ad? Could be the Free Beacon itself, taking a break from its excellent reporting on Hillary Clinton’s various scandals. But it could just as easily be the Trump campaign itself — the man is known to be a showman.

Above this graphic, the Free Beacon states: “A representative for the anti-Trump group also forwarded the Free Beacon a copy of their logo, which they recently printed out at a neighborhood FedEx and plan to distribute on street corners outside Trump courses worldwide.”


But what if the ad were the real deal? What if there really were a “shadowy” group calling itself Golf Cart Veterans for Truth out to derail the Trump freight train?

Everyone in the world cheats at golf, with the exception of the pros during a tournament with a half-dozen TV cameras watching their every move.

And that could even include Trump, as one who’s played with him has said. The point is, whether he cheated or not, everyone involved  had a great time.

“It’s his limo ride, his golf course. The guy paid for lunch — what are you going to do?” sportswriter Rick Reilly told The Washington Post. “He’s exhausting, but I want to be clear: I really liked him. It was just like being in a crazy carnival for a day. Though I’m not sure it would be so much fun when it starts to count.”

For a great Sunday laugh, check out the ad.


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