Laura Ingraham lays it out: Trump is speaking for Americans the GOP elite has failed

091315_ingrahamThe national Republican establishment might not understand the rise of Donald Trump in the party’s 2016 election field, but talk show host Laura Ingraham had no problem explaining it Sunday:

The American middle class has been betrayed too many times, Ingraham told “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz on Fox..

“This is really not about Trump. This is about the Republican establishment failing most of those middle-income workers who put all their hopes in the Republican Party,” she said.

When Kurtz asked why Trump had a stronger backing among talk radio hosts than by top-tier commentators like Charles Krauthammer, Ingraham said the real estate tycoon is “simpatico” with this faction based on his position on the issues.

Ingraham told the Fox News host Trump takes criticism from some conservative pundits because, much like Ronald Reagan, he is challenging the establishment, which makes some uncomfortable — not that the criticism is affecting the candidate’s standing in the primary.

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“I don’t know where Trump will go, but the idea internecine warfare among conservatives is going to matter to most people? It’s not,” she said.

Ingraham said many in the middle class look to the GOP to provide better economic opportunities, among other things, and the party is not coming through for them.

And Ingraham puts the onus squarely on the party for the phenomenon behind the Trump campaign.

“If they cleaned up their own house over at the GOP, Trump probably wouldn’t be as big as he is now, or might not even be a factor at all,” she said.

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