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Caught on video: Topless women beaten like dogs for feminist protest at Muslim event

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toplessThank goodness Islam is the religion of peace or who knows what might have happened.

With the Western public having become accustomed to the shock value, topless feminist activists scarcely draw attention these days. But all that changed on Saturday.

Having pulled the stunt in multiple locations without violence, including at the Vatican and even Russia, two feminist activists with the ill-advised decision to protest during the Muslim Salon, an Islamic event in the Paris suburbs, according to LiveLeak.

And were summarily beaten like dogs.

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The protesters were from a women’s rights group called Femen, which has staged numerous public demonstrations since its origins in Ukraine in 2008. It is now based in Paris.

Two imams were speaking when the women, with messages written on their bare upper bodies, rushed the stage. One activist was quickly pulled off the stage while the other was set upon by up to a half-dozen men who began beating and kicking her as they removed her.

According to Breitbart, one of the protesters shouted, “Nobody makes me submit, nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet!” before she was attacked by the men.

As offensive as the feminist activists can be, it’s not often that they encounter violence. Then again, they don’t often target Muslim events.

*Caution: Nudity

Tom Tillison


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