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Stunning video reveals college students know little to nothing about 9/11

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yaf artIncredible as it may be, some young Americans don’t know the meaning of 9/11.

Judging from recent interviews with Virginia college students, the United States could be doomed to repeat history – because too few of its young “adults” seem to have a grasp of it.

The conservative group Young America’s Foundation took to the campus of George Mason University to find out what students there knew about the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, which occurred 14 years ago Friday, and produced a video of what it found.

Students were asked a simple question, “Why was America attacked on 9/11?” The answers varied from fact-less, complex diatribes to stunning confusion.

“Probably Bush did something bad,” said one student.

Several others freely acknowledged, “I’m not sure” or “I have no idea.”

Those who probably fancied themselves intellectuals used the opportunity to impart their brainwashed ignorance.

“I err towards our interventionist foreign policy,” said one young man.

“They put us in a war over there, over money and gas, and it just didn’t turn out right,” said a young woman who seemed to echo a popular sentiment.

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The good news is that many of the students seemed to agree that there needs to be more education about the deadliest terrorist attack ever waged against America.

The YAF said in its video release, “Our country needs to make sure future generations of Americans understand exactly what happened that day.”

Let’s just hope that “understanding” doesn’t come from socialist indoctrination centers disguised as U.S. universities.


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