Officer takes ‘redemption’ photo with ex-con: A year ago I almost shot this guy who tried to stab me in head

A Raleigh, North Carolina, police officer proved again that black lives do matter to the cops who protect them every day.

Officer J.D. Boyd sent a touching update on a story that could have ended badly. He posted a picture on his Facebook page of himself with a former suspect who, about a year ago, he nearly shot when the man tried to stab him.

“Today we ran into each other again, and I learned that after his time in prison and some help from probation he now has a full-time job and has another son on the way that will be here in November,” Boyd wrote.

“I was glad it ended well for us both that day, and I am ecstatic now to learn that he has turned his life around and we can embrace as friends,” he said.

A fantastic story of redemption, and more evidence that most police officers truly care about those they protect and serve.

RALEIGH POLICE: Police officer JD Boyd from Raleigh, North Carolina, shared a photo on Wednesday showing himself posing…

Posted by FB Newswire on Friday, September 11, 2015


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