Mom teaches her cocky teen son a lesson about entitlement he won’t soon forget

A 13-year-old boy who had found some fame and fortune making YouTube videos tried to get cocky at home — until his mother taught him a lesson about entitlement and independence.

When Estella Havisham’s son, Aaron, became a social media success, he tried to push the boundaries with dear ole’ Mom. Since Aaron started earning an income, he figured his mother no longer had a right to “control” him.

He thought wrong.

Instead of punishing or arguing with Aaron, Estella agreed — and drew up an adult contract to let him know what would be expected of him in their new arrangement.

She posted the contract on Facebook, where it received a lot of praise and attention.


Estella explained what transpired after Aaron saw the contract:

“It may have seemed like tough love, or a harsh reality check, but putting it into practice has been fairly gentle. I have seen him trying to be more conscientious … everything has a honeymoon period; so, only time will tell — but as for this week, things are much better and I have high hopes.”


Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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Nicole Haas


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