Hollywood A-lister’s touching tribute to military on Sept. 11

Hollywood star Chris Pratt took to the small screen on Friday to commemorate 9/11 with a homemade video tribute honoring U.S. veterans.

Pratt showed his down-to-earth patriotic flare before, by bucking political correctness and posting a video of himself teaching his 2-year-old son the pledge of allegiance.

This time he used social media to start #ThankAVeteran.

Pratt honored Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times while serving in Iraq. Pratt told Day’s story of struggle and triumph, and said he realizes the veteran will continue to have an uphill battle to overcome his extensive injuries. Pratt vowed to donate $10,000 to help Day accomplish his goal of completing the Kona Ironman Race. While most people don’t have $10,000 to give a veteran, they can learn about a veteran, tell his story and post it as a tribute, which Pratt encouraged his fans to do.

Pratt’s good deeds earned him all kinds of accolades, and rightly so.


Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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