Course syllabus forbids students to say ‘God bless you’ in class

A course syllabus that a Texas university professor gave his students on the first day of class asked them to refrain from using the expression “God bless you.”

“Please refrain from saying ‘God bless you’ during classes and exams,” read a University of Texas Rio Grande Valley professor’s syllabus, according to



The university’s administration saw nothing wrong with the request.

“The professor’s syllabus sought to identify examples of potentially disruptive behavior the professor believed could hinder the classroom learning environment, including use of cellphones,” it said.

Many students were’t so sure.

“It’s kind of ridiculous, First Amendment, freedom of religion. It’s there. We shouldn’t have to block that out of school,” said Marcos Villarreal, a student at the university.

John Taylor was in shock over the rule.

“You shouldn’t have a boundary on what you believe in, especially in the classroom,” said student John Taylor. “I would’ve not said anything, but it would’ve bothered me because as common courtesy, I say ‘God bless you’ to people who sneeze.”

Still others thought it was no big deal.

“I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it,” said Aaron Bravo, a UTRGV student. “It shouldn’t really be a problem because it’s the teacher’s classroom.”

The professor has since removed the request from the syllabus.

Watch this short clip via Fox News.

People took to social media to express their dismay.


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