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Cop talks suicidal man off bridge, gives him giant, emotional bear hug

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cop-bear-hugA powerful video made the rounds after an off-duty North Carolina police officer talked a suicidal man off an overpass and then gave him a big hug.

Raleigh police officer Dan Hicks’ act of compassion was captured on a North Carolina Department of Transportation camera Wednesday night, according to local ABC affiliate News 11, which reported:.

It happened on the Beltline over Wade Avenue just after 7 p.m. when police got a call about a man who was hanging over the edge of the bridge.

Obviously, the man was in distress and needed help. Officer Dan Hicks reached out to the man and developed a rapport with him.

After a short period of time, the man agreed to come off the bridge. That’s when Hicks hugged the man for quite some time, then walked the man back to a car.

In an interview with WRAL-Channel 5 News, Hicks said, “He got a big ol’ Dan Hicks bear hug, whether he wanted it or not.”

Watch the clip, via local ABC affiliate News 11:

Here’s another clip, together with an interview with Hicks, via WRAL-Channel 5 News:


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