Boy, 13, handcuffed, charged with assault for KISSING a girl, 14, on a dare, in school

kissing-dareA 13-year-old Maryland boy faces criminal charges after acting on a dare from his schoolmates

The boy allegedly kissed a 14-year-old female classmate without asking for her permission and against her will, and on that basis teachers at Pikesville Middle School called police.

The boy was led out of the school in handcuffs and eventually charged with second-degree assault.

“Any suspension or expulsion [from school] is still being worked out,” said “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Anna Kooiman.

According to the Inquisitr:

Pikesville Middle School officials also stated the 14-year-old female student immediately said that she did not want to be kissed by the boy. Although the kiss lasted a second, the incident is still considered an assault worthy of criminal charges.

Years ago in American public schools, such a prank would likely have been dealt with by the school principal, privately by the children’s parents, or a combination of the two methods. Today’s public schools, however, tout “no tolerance” for such acts. Filing criminal charges for the misbehavior of minors during the school day is becoming more commonplace. Pikesville police are standing by their decision to charge the 13-year-old boy with a crime. Because both of the parties involved are minors, their names have not been released to the public. The boy could ultimately have the charge expunged from his record, if found guilty, because he is a minor.

The news team covering the story seemed to be amused by the whole thing. Do you see the humor in a 13-year-old child being taken away in handcuffs?



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