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New York Times ‘FLUB’ labels Jewish lawmakers with virtual Star of David

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The New York Times has stooped to a new low, identifying Democrats who support or oppose President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran according to whether they are Jewish or not Jewish.

The liberal rag, which would have no doubt blasted any other publication that ran such a chart as anti-Semitic, published the chart Thursday in which it marked the Jewish lawmakers in yellow highlighter — a virtual “Star of David.”

“Though more Jewish members of Congress support the deal than oppose it, the Democrats against the deal are more likely to be Jewish or represent Jewish constituencies,” the article read.

The Times did bow to a public outcry on social media later in the day, removing the Jewish column from the online version of the article.

The article’s author, Jonathan Weisman, who said he is Jewish, took responsibility for the graphic but said he does not apologize.

Twitter users let him and the Times have it.





Carmine Sabia


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