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Guy has message for vandals who destroyed his truck: Cops come in ALL races!

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VandalizingIf Black Lives Matter activists wonder why many people don’t support their movement, they need look no farther than their own actions.

Scott Lattin, of Whitney, Texas, painted the slogan “Police Lives Matter” on the rear window of his truck on the day of the funeral of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth, who was murdered execution-style while pumping gas Aug. 28.

On Wednesday, the truck was vandalized and spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter” and anti-police and anti-American slogans, including #FYF, which stands for “F**k Your Flag,” a movement to desecrate American flags nationwide on Friday.

The hashtag also may be connected to a black supremacist who goes by the name of King Noble, who called for the murders of police and white people in general, calling it “open season,” KWTX reported.

Despite the fact that cleaning the truck will be expensive for him, Scott Lattin posted a message of unity on KWTX’s Facebook post of his story:

Ladies and gentlemen, please understand that what happened to MY TRUCK was neither race baiting nor self-induced. MY statement was simple and to the point. Police officers’ lives matter. Now in the grand scheme of things, I am saying that ALL LIVES MATTER. Very rarely will you find a department that is comprised of only one race and you will NEVER find one that will not hire only one race. My statement was on of solidarity, not hate. Yes, it will cost my family money we do not have. But with faith we will persevere. If anything comes from our troubles, please let it be one of support for first responders of ALL RACES.
thank you
The Lattin family

Carmine Sabia


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