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Buzzfeed’s cop-mocking video a ‘stinking pile of rotting garbage’; ‘The Five’ lashes out at ‘wimpy male bloggers’

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fiveHosts at Fox News’ “The Five” tore apart BuzzFeed’s poorly timed cop-mocking video “Men Try on a Police Uniform.”

BuzzFeed, a media outlet known for incessant and irrelevant list-making, is also known to produce some funny videos from time to time. (Lest we forget President Barack Obama’s awkward selfie-stick video.)

This time, BuzzFeed’s “beta bros,” as Fox host Greg Gutfeld called them, played dress-up with police uniforms and lamented the way wearing the uniform made them feel.

“What a stinking pile of rotting garbage,” Gutfeld said. “You know why these guys felt bad about wearing the uniforms? Because they lack the guts.”

The BuzzFeed boys did appear to be highly insecure dressed in blue, and offered a bit of self-deprecating humor. But most of their negative comments were aimed at officers.

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“When you see that uniform, that’s scary,” said one BuzzFeed beta.

Another said that by putting on the police belt he felt “a sense of, like, urgency, like you want to use these tools.”

“Honestly, I see jerk before I see hero, and that sucks,” was another comment.

Dana Perino defended BuzzFeed and said the actors realized they are “wimpy male bloggers” and were making fun of themselves.

Liberal Juan Williams said that there was no question the video was mocking cops, but that it tapped into a real fear about police officers.

Kimberly Guilfoyle backed up Gutfeld’s anger over the video.

“I hate seeing this, I think it’s so disrespectful,” Guilfoyle said.

“I think of all the officers who have died this year serving these communities … and these little ‘you know whats’ would cry like little babies and be so happy to see a real cop to save them if they were looking down the barrel of a 9-mm or if someone was trying to carjack them … or a home invasion.”

“Keep being spoiled and ignorant,” Guilfoyle told the BuzzFeed boys.


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