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Trump pays a call to ‘The View,’ won’t back down for Whoopi!

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theview0910Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump stuck to his guns during a phone-in interview to the ladies on “The View” Thursday, handling questions about illegal immigration, President Obama’s Iran deal and a handful of other hot-button topics without backing away from the mainly liberal questions.

“Illegal immigration is a terrible problem in this country today,” Trump said, to the clear annoyance of his television hosts. “I want to have people come into the country, but they have to come in legally.”

This being “The View,” the focus had to get to “women’s health issues” at some point — and Trump had no difficulty trumpeting his own positions.

“I’m doing really well with women,” he said. “I cherish women, and I will protect women. I want to take care of women and I have great respect for women.”

Even though the overall tone of the conversation was congenial, “The View” ladies didn’t seem convinced. But with polls showing Trump doing well with Republican women — as well as blacks and other groups the liberals think of as their own — they might need to re-think before Trump’s next visit.

Check out the interview here.


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